The Lucida Puppy Fund was started in memory of six week old Lucida and her three brothers: Goudy, Caslon and Windsor (also known as the "Type Puppies" as they were all named after fonts).

In the beginning of March 2010 we were informed that a litter of 8 puppies were part of a cruelty investigation and needed to be rescued. We were able to find foster homes for 5 of the 8 puppies and pulled them with the intent on going back for the remaining pups within 3 days. On the third day we went back and the pups were gone.  

Ariana, the first to be pulled did extremely well in foster care and a few weeks later was adopted. Lucida, Goudy, Caslon and Windsor did well in foster care but were showing symptoms of upper respiratory infections. They all ended up being hospitalized between 3 and 13 days in 24 hour care veterinary clinics and eventually tested positive for the Canine Parvovirus (parvo). Parvo is especially severe in puppies that are not protected by maternal antibodies or vaccination and ultimately causes respiratory or cardiovascular failure in young puppies. 

Despite intensive round the clock care Lucida passed away on Saturday, March 13 in the arms of her foster parent, Erin Kowalski who went to the Emergency Clinic to be with her beloved foster pup. She went back to be with each of Lucida’s  siblings when the veterinarians knew that there was nothing else that would help them. Goudy passed away that Tuesday afternoon; Caslon passed Thursday evening and Windsor the following Monday morning. It was such a rough emotional time and in the end, the veterinary bills totaled close to $14,000.

This experience only made way for Erin and the other foster parents to want to do more. The Lucida Puppy Fund was started in memory of these little pups and was named after Lucida, the first pup to pass away. This Fund will help pay for all veterinary costs puppies incur. Puppies always cost a little more since there is more vetting to be done and because they are so young their immune systems are not fully developed leaving room for more severe medical issues to arise. The Lucida Puppy Fund will allow rescues to concentrate on getting these dogs the care they need without having to worry as much about finances.

A heartfelt thank you to Elmhurst Animal Care Center and Chicago Veterinary Emergency Services (CVES) for their help during the difficult time.



Lucida was the sweetest little girl to have in our home. Fostering Cola (an 8 week old pit bull puppy) at the same time, most of Lucida's time was spent curled up laying on top of Cola. Lucida absolutely loved to snuggle in close with anyone or anything she was around. She was the runt of the litter and didn't let any of her brothers push her around. She put up a good fight, but in the end her tiny body just couldn't handle the cards life dealt her. I was lucky enough to hold her and love her in the last moments of her life, reassuring her she was going to a better place where she could live a full happy life free of pain.

Fostered by:
Erin Kowalski
& Will Miller



Caslon was a tiny guy with a great need for cuddling. Like his siblings, Caslon loved to be near people and curl up in the cutest places. Finding small crevices inbetween arms, between legs, underneath armpits were all his favorite places to be. Living in a home with many human roommates there was not one that didn't fall in love with me despite the small amount of time he was with us.

Fostered by:
Darren McPherson



Goudy was super cuddly and loving, he never wanted to be more than 5 feet from someone and would sit on my feet if he wanted to be picked up. Goudy's favorite place to cuddle was in the crook of your neck, and he was only happy sleeping in his crate at night if he could still see you. Goudy made quick friends with my 1 year old puppy, Dexter, and would follow him around the house. Goudy had tons of personality and was so much fun to have around, not to mention adorable! In the short time he was in my life, Goudy touched many people (my friends and family), it is just so unfair that it was all cut short. I am thankful that Dexter and I were able to give him a good  home and life, for at least a little while, and that he was loved and will be missed.

Fostered by:
Mandy Kaatz



Windsor was our little inspiration.  We fed Windsor in the kitchen, and as soon as he was finished, he'd come running to find someone to pick him up and cuddle with. Sometimes, I'd be in the kitchen making dinner or doing the dishes, and if I didn’t pick him up right away, he'd climb onto my fuzzy slippers and fall asleep between my legs. It was the cutest thing. His favorite place to sleep was the crook of my neck. He'd lay his little head down and crash. Even though he was only with us for a short time, Windsor will be remembered in our hearts always.

Fostered by:
Rebecca Kowalski